Brand building
way forward

The aim of this proposal is to update and to upscale Krest’s identity, growing fromd a profound respect in regard to its values, history and traditions.

Our objective is to underline its eclecticism, high standards of demand and sophistication through a contemporary graphic expression. Ensuring both evolution and continuity, we propose to change the brand’s typeface and symbol while preserving the structure of the previous identity work. Our eyes are set at the future while still considering the legacy and acknowledgment Krest has conquered over the years.

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Our tone should be precise and assertive, relaxed and clear. Informal yet elegant. Institutional, but without losing its personal touch. 

Krest is sophisticated,
eclectic and contemporary

Krest is sophisticated, eclectic and

Krest’s logo typeface builds from a robust sense of construction resembling a solid architectural structure. Symbolizes trust and soundness, core values that we want to associate with our brand.

The elegant quality of typography allows us to immediately access the essence of a brand without limiting its meaning. Carefully chosen and adapted to both digital and printed environments, typography plays a central key role in a straight forward approach.

Tinos was designed by Steve Matteson as an innovative, refreshing serif design that is metrically compatible with Times New Roman™. Tinos offers improved on-screen readability characteristics and the pan-European WGL character set and solves the needs of developers looking for width-compatible fonts to address document portability across platforms.
Gotham is a family of widely used geometric sans-serif digital typefaces designed by American type designer Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000. Gotham’s letterforms are inspired by a form of architectural signage that achieved popularity in the mid-twentieth century, and are especially popular throughout New York.

Symbol and

The symbol casts the letter ‘k’ into a closer look, conveying attention for details. A redesigned and upscaled Krest identity brand scope which maintains a link with the previous approach.

Architecturally speaking, the choice of high-end materials reflects on the quality of construction itself. Our graphic approach echoes the same. The way we communicate on printed media, explores different materials based on their quality and distinctiveness.

Colour Palette:
a broader range of blues

Colour Palette: a broader range
of blues

Our inspiration came from the colours from Nazar, an ancient eye-shaped amulet first recorded by the Mesopotamian about 5,000 years ago in cuneiform on clay tablets. This figure can be found in Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures as well as Buddhist and Hindu societies.

Two main colours are used, Blue — meaning sight, surveillance, attention, good karma and positive energies and Light Blue — standing for the sky and truth.

We explored a dynamic palette of blues. Using a wider variety of colours allows us to work further on the idea of detail, relating to high-end and premium contexts.

C53 M2 Y1 K0 (U)
C67 M2 Y0 K0 (C)
R70 G177 B219

C70 M30 Y0 K0 (U)
C90 M48 Y0 K0 (C)
R0 G74 B211

C93 M54 Y0 K0 (U)
C100 M69 Y0 K0 (C)
R10 G36 B114

C22 M4 Y15 K8
R181 G194 B183

C33 M12 Y18 K30
R146 G155 B147

C52 M23 Y30 K74
R99 G106 B100

C50 M30 Y40 K90
R60 G64 B60

Digital Presentations

Extensive presentation templates — both in Keynote (preferable) and Powerpoint — with most of presentations needs contemplated. You can download the files at the bottom of this brandbook in the Downloads section.

A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service or company. You can't control the process,
but you can influence it.

A brand is a person's gut feeling about
a product, service or company. You can't control the process, but you can
influence it.

Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap (2005)

Multiple singularity

Multiple singularity

The complexity of sub-branding lies in highlighting the integrity of the main identity within the necessary differentiation of each product. Maintaining the coherence of the whole within a diversified structure of products and brands.

We use Krest’s symbol in each segment guaranteeing the necessary coherence and diversity. Also, the symbol plays in a semantic role: diverse brands within determinant Krest. In the future, we plan to explore different metallic colours as an additional reinforcement of each sub-brand singularity.

Once again, typography leads a structured narrative, distinguishing sub-brands in an orderly and stylish fashion.

Photography and
visual consistency

For this project, photography with a strong character and quality is essential. With this in mind, we propose to develop a mood board that guides the entire creative process whilst emphasising two viewpoints:

1. Essence is about projecting Krest’s fundamental values, attitudes and positioning of your team. It is about the people who make it happen. It is about the company’s message, space, and contact with clients. It focuses on communication as a very specific human domain.

2. Experience will focus on work achieved, on catalogues and presenting the products that you have. It is driven by visual engagement with the audience and product presentation.

Website and other
communication artefacts

and other

The website reflects all the principles of communication put into play, it is where all the different elements articulate, where information embodies emotional and persuasive factors through a visual language that enhances the singular characteristics of each project, product and idea.

A trademark can be a logo,
a symbol, monogram, emblem, or other graphic device. An identity strategy
is much more than this.

A trademark can be a logo,
a symbol, monogram, emblem, or other graphic device.
An identity strategy
is much more  than this.


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